Online marketing trends for success in 2016

Trying to decide on your next online marketing campaign can be tricky.

You have the data that shows you who you need to be targeting and how you can reach them, but what do you actually need to do to entice this audience to buy-in to your product or service.

Here’s the deal:

Well, there’s not actually a correct answer to this, but there’s definitely things you should and shouldn’t be doing.

One thing that you should be doing is looking at digital marketing trends that you can jump on to leverage your brand.

For example, I’m sure everyone’s noticed the Pokémon Go trend that’s sweeping the western world at the moment.

Businesses have jumped on this trend like wildfire, and many have seen phenomenal results. One London restaurant even reported revenue increases of 26% in one week thanks to the app.

Now, it was quite by chance that this restaurant was lucky enough to be made a pokéstop – a location that Pokémon Go players can visit to gather items, which can then be used to collect more pokémon.

That’s not all…

However, it was the savvy marketing mind of this business that’s really added to its marketing success.

Noticing the surge of customers coming by to search for pokémon, the restaurant – Maxwell’s Bar and Grill – decided to launch a range of pokémon-themed milkshakes, cocktails and doughnuts, extend its opening hours, and even adapted one lucky employee’s job role to include purchasing and dropping lures around Covent Garden, which attract pokémon to the area, with the hopes of further increasing the amount of foot traffic.

Head to social media and see what your audience is talking about…

While this is just one example of a marketing trend that businesses can jump on, there are always new things that can really bolster your marketing activity. You don’t even need to think big – just head to social media and see what your audience is talking about.

One really simple thing you can take advantage of is the increase in the use and consumption of images on social platforms. No longer do people want to see reams of written content on their newsfeeds – instead they want to see something interesting or inspirational.

So are you including images in your content? And are these images unique? Using a stock image won’t be nearly as successful, because people are on the internet so much that you can almost guarantee they’ll have seen that image before, and it won’t be of interest to them.

Whatever the nature of your business, take your own images and share them. These can then be linked to additional rich content, such as blog posts and longer in-depth articles.

If you have a bit more budget to spend on your online marketing, then you should also create infographics, custom graphics, animations and videos. These will catch the eye of your audience when they’re on social media or scrolling through the web. Again, make sure that they’re relevant and see if you can incorporate current trends into these, as this will pique the interest of your audience even more.

The best way to know what to give your target audience is to see the type of content they’re consuming and see how you can best utilise this to market your business online.

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