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At FOME, we have a team of copywriters that will definitely make a difference on your website.

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Even though the web is increasingly dominated by video consumption, the opportunities it offers to market your goods and services are still driven entirely by text. Whether it’s SEO, PPC or rich web copy, words still wield a lot of power in online marketing.

Businesses that choose to ignore the role good copy has in selling their products and services are in danger of making a serious mistake. But good copy is not something that everyone can write – even when they think they can.

Marketing copy – and especially copy written for digital marketing – is a learned skill that’s so much more than simply populating pages with words.

Different channels require different styles. The best way to write for Facebook is different to the best way to write for Twitter or LinkedIn, which is different in turn to the best way of writing a blog or a marketing email.

Good copywriting is about gearing the words to a specific and focused message, using concise and simple language that delivers a call to action as effectively and efficiently as possible.

At FOME, we work with great copywriters who have an impressive portfolio of both long- and short-form content.

They’re people who are as happy creating flowing narrative packed with SEO-friendly keywords as they are writing concise 25-word product descriptions for a Google Shopping campaign, or a personable email newsletter offering an opinion to build your personal brand.

The copywriters we trust have been working successfully for a long time. They’ve worked in some of the biggest content businesses in the world, from newspapers and broadcast media, to online businesses, charities, ad agencies and magazines.

Not only that, but they’ve worked with us over a long period of time, too – so we can vouch for the quality of their work, because it’s what has also contributed to the success we’ve enjoyed as a business.

Our copywriting team prides itself on doing meticulous research to understand not only your individual business, but also the sector you operate in and the people you’re trying to attract as customers and clients.

That means they write from an informed perspective and with the research that enables them to speak with your tone and voice.

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