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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. It’s a term almost everyone’s familiar with these days and if your business has a website, then the chances are you’re going to need SEO to generate revenue and profit.

But what, exactly, is SEO and why is it so important?

Let’s start with the why first. Most of us now shop for products and services online and when we do the chances are we’re going to use Google to look for someone to buy them from.

So, just think for a moment about how you use Google. When was the last time you looked beyond the first page of results that popped up?

With all the Google Ads that now turn up at the top and bottom of the page, you might occasionally head over to the second page. But anything beyond that is unlikely to be seen by more than a handful of people. And the chances are the sites on page 2 and beyond don’t have an effective approach to Search Engine Optimisation.

Being on the first page of Google is a huge deal and has an exponential benefit on the number of business leads you generate. Being top of the first page is the Holy Grail. And we can help you to achieve both through a well-planned SEO strategy.

Part of SEO is having strong vibrant content that’s full of the keywords and phrases that people use to search for businesses like yours. Having web content that’s crammed with search-rich terms but flows naturally and doesn’t look forced is the first step in getting up the Google rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

Without some sort of SEO effort – which means investing time and money – your site and its pages will only ever be found by accident, and that’s a bit like launching a product, putting it on a shelf in your shop and hoping someone who needs it happens to walk past.

Finding new clients or customers and generating new business relies on having a concentrated, focused and consistent approach to SEO that delivers organic reach.

Organic reach means your content will be delivered to people who are most likely to be interested in it – and while advertising has an important role to play in your marketing strategy, organic reach that’s the most valuable way for people to find your business.

Search Engine Optimisation doesn’t need to be mysterious. At FOME, we have creative, passionate staff specialising in all the aspects of SEO who are friendly and approachable.

Because they are experts, you don’t need to understand the more technical stuff like back-linking and on and off-site optimisation (unless you want to, in which case we’ll be very happy to explain).

You just tell our team what you want to achieve, and we make it happen!

Search Engines Pana

How we work

  • 1. We’ll carry out extensive keyword research and competitive analysis to see what people are searching for and what’s working for your competitors – then use that knowledge to identify the right keyword strategy for you;
  • 2. Then we’ll make sure the back end of your website is fully optimised by getting the technical SEO working to its maximum potential;
  • 3. At the same time, we’ll get your on page SEO in shape, making sure the right keywords appear with the right frequency, using experienced SEO copywriters if required;
  • 4. All of that is augmented through a coherent local SEO (Google My Business Optimisation & Local Directory Submissions) strategy that ensures you’re getting the most out of all the various platforms available to you;
  • 5. Once that work is done, we’ll focus on monthly Link Building that will supercharge your performance on the Search Engine Results Pages;
  • 6. And finally, we’ll make sure you’re always up to date with how your site is performing by giving you monthly reports so you can keep track of what’s happening with your site.

A collaborative approach

The SEO strategy we devise for you and your business will be informed by your ambitions and objectives and will be developed by committed, talented and skilled members of our team here at FOME to help you reach exactly the people you want to talk to.

Without strong, engaging and organic Search Engine Optimisation, it won’t matter how good your business or product is because your clients won’t find you.

And if in case you were wondering how obvious SEO is on a website, the terms SEO or Search Engine Optimisation feature on this page 17 times.

Let’s see how we can help you grow