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If you're looking for proactive, dedicated website maintenance and support without the nonsense, you'll love FOME.

Website Maintenance & Support
Website Maintenance & Support Services

It’s impossible to think any business could be successful in the modern age without having a contemporary website that keeps it ahead of the competition. Your website is your global shop window – and keeping it running at its best requires time, knowledge and skill.

But running a company is hard work at the best of times, particularly if you’re a small business with limited resources, and not everyone has got the knowhow or hours in their day to worry about the multitude of routine tasks that need to be done to ensure your clients and customers get the best possible digital experience.

Outsourcing your website maintenance is an effective and efficient way of ensuring your website is always up to date and free of the kind of technical issues and content errors that reflect badly on you and your business and which have the potential to damage your reputation.

By having a consistent and regular approach to website maintenance you’ll not only know that your business is being promoted professionally, you’ll also benefit from a clean and error-free site that’s working to generate traffic, build engagement and creating leads.

Combined with a coherent and integrated SEO strategy, a comprehensive website management approach will also help you to improve your Google ranking – something that’s fundamental to any business looking to establish a business online.

We know that starting a business or running a growing business can put pressure on financial resources and it’s tempting to spend budget on things that, on the surface, might seem to be more important – but investing in expert website management can save money over the long term by delivering a return more quickly.

There are many businesses that give in to the temptation of simply creating a website and then leaving it on the basis that at least the company will have a presence online. But really that means you’ll just be storing up a whole load of trouble that will need to be solved – at considerable cost – later.

Regular maintenance pays off

There’s more to website management than you might think. Whether your website has been built on WordPress, Squarespace or some other platform, the developers are constantly evolving and creating new software and plugins to help their users get more benefit out of their product, so checking for new updates is a weekly task that it’s important to get done.

It’s also good practice to back up and store a version of your site in case disaster strikes, ensure any forms work properly and that there are no broken links and clean up and fix 404 errors or bugs. Things like slow loading speed can also frustrate your customers and clients, so any issues that are slowing down your site need to be resolved.

A good website management team will also advise you on what new content you need to create in order to encourage more traffic to your site and will use analytics on a regular basis to determine what pages are working well for you and what pages need some attention.

Beyond that, there are trivial things that need to be done quarterly or annually that can often be overlooked – things like changing dates to reflect the current year, renewing the domain, tidying up or archiving out of date content and deleting old email addresses.

Website Maintenance & Support Services In London

How we can help

At FOME we can take the burden of website management off your hands, giving you the time you need to get on with the other important things you need to do to make sure your business is as successful as it can possibly be.

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch – we’d love to talk to you about how we can be part of your business journey.

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