7 Killer Ways to Increase the Hype for Your Website Launch

Finally, done with your website and ready to launch? Not sure how to create the hype for your website launch?

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Since you’re here, I will go out on a limb and say you already know the vital role a website plays in 21st-century business. Terrific!

But do you know creating a buzz around your website launch is just as important?

Here is why?

Take Apple for example, before each product drops, they announce several months earlier building up suspense and drawing the attention of people from around the world. When the said product eventually drops, people are already prepared and eager to buy it. Besides being a luxury product, this is the secondary reason Apple’s products sell out as soon as they drop.

Yes, you might not sell out like Apple in the first week. Of course, that’s a much bigger brand. But you get to enjoy more traffic when you create a buzz around the launch. A good marketing strategy smart marketers should consider.

How To Increase the Hype for Your Website Launch

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Paid Ads Work Magic

Gaining massive traffic with paid ads is no news to digital marketers. However, only a few marketers understand the need to run paid ads for the upcoming launch. Truth is, you get the same result.

By running a few ads for your upcoming website launch, you get to reach a much larger audience. This already escalates the hype for your new website.

Launch Your Website During the Week

Which would you favour – week launch or weekend launch? It depends on your target audience though. But experts push for a week launch.

This is because statistics show people use their phones more during the week. This makes it a good time to get the attention of your target audience.

Use a Countdown Timer

Countdown timers are just as effective for creating hype for your website launch as they are during product marketing. This builds anticipation while also serving as a subtle reminder.

As with product marketing, you can do this across all your sites – website and social media pages.

The goal is to get people pumped!

Make Freebies Available

Giveaways are one of the oldest tricks in the book. This is a good avenue to attract traffic to your website and also increases your audience.

You can organize this through a referral program. Be sure to use an item or service from your brand. That way you are furthering your reach.

As more people jump on the giveaway offer, you get a new ‘marketer’ who is happy and willing to bring in new ‘marketers.’ See how the chain grows?!

Use Video-hype 

Video marketing once again shows its superiority through this tip. Typically, experts advise marketers to utilize both videos and images in their digital marketing strategies. This same principle applies to creating a buzz for your launch.

Videos are known to promote engagement. Consequently, creating a hype video for your next website launch will go a long way to boost the buzz better than other channels.

Draw More Attention with Social Media

Social media is a great advertising tool today. If used properly, you can create as much hype for your website launch as you want. With social media, you can share details of the launch. Be sure to give the information in bits to keep them hooked for more. They get to wait for the pieces to come together.

You can leverage different social media platforms to introduce a sneak peek of what you have cooking behind the scene.

Bonus: Leverage Your Existing Customer Base

Love it or loathe it, your customer base is your strongest network. It is easier to turn happy loyal customers into marketers than strangers. Leverage this goldmine by sharing special information with this group. This will make them feel like a part of the community and even bolster their commitment to sharing the info.

Building hype for your website launch is a great opportunity to promote your website on social media and other channels. One more opportunity to attract massive traffic to your site. Make your launch day special with these 7 tips.

Let us know which of the reasons above piqued your interest. For further information, check our eBooks or simply contact us!

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