Pay Per Click – referred to as PPC or paid search advertising – is a highly effective form of online advertising which is a really cost-effective way of gaining interest in the products and services your business offers.

In very simple terms, what PPC means is that you only pay for your advertising when someone clicks on it. That means your marketing budget is only being invested in genuine interest from real consumers – making it a highly attractive ad strategy for many businesses.

Sounds good, right? And it is -m but only if it’s managed properly and is professionally delivered in a focused way. Done badly, PPC can be ineffective and costly. Yet, when it’s done properly, it can be the most invaluable investment you’ll ever make in the marketing of your products and services.

In fact, it can be so effective that PPC now accounts for around 60% of all online marketing spend. At FOME, we’ve had years of experience – and success – delivering PPC campaigns for a variety of clients, all with different budgets to invest, from the very small to the very large.

Pay Per Click Advertising

We’re successful because we don’t have a by-numbers approach to PPC. The paid advertising team here pride themselves on developing and implementing dynamic, creative and innovative PPC campaigns that get results.

This is our step-by-step process to ensuring your PPC campaign has the best chance of delivering quality leads, new business and, ultimately, great returns on your investment

Because PPC and Google Ads require careful monitoring and agile management to make sure they change to meet changing demand, we take pride in ensuring our campaign management systems are results orientated.

That means we constantly keep track of how your campaign is doing, measuring its performance against the agreed KPIs we’ve set together and talking through options each month to ensure you get the best value out of the work we do for you.

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Pay Per Click Advertising
  • We’ll get to know you and your business to make sure we create a campaign that’s perfect for your business, your product and your clients
  • We’ll work with you to identify your market or audience, relevant locations and languages and any other relevant factors that need to be included in the campaign plan
  • We’ll research the specific keywords to build into your advertisement content and use those to draft content that puts your ads in front of visitors when they do online searches
  • We’ll create strong content to engage your clients, promote your business and turn visits into leads and sales
  • We’ll agree and set regular performance targets and report back to you on those targets regularly
  • We’ll ensure your brand terms are protected online
  • We’ll design an integrated campaign across several accounts and online channels
  • We’ll make sure the message you convey online stays consistent across all channels and search engines
  • We’ll track the campaign performance and make refinements as necessary
  • We’ll make sure pre-agreed targets are met or exceeded

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