The Power of Video Content For Social Media Management

The world is rapidly becoming more digital – the way we digest content is steering away from old forms of content and going towards social media. Creating content that fits this new type of consumption and audience can be a difficult challenge, but it should be something that creative marketers thrive in. Social media marketing is something mastered by the most able and savvy marketers out there, for the pure and simple reason that they understand what people want. 

As social media has become the key source for entertainment, information, news, and beyond, it has also become a hugely efficient digital marketing platform. The number of social media users continues to skyrocket after it surpassed 4.5 billion users, and this grows alongside an ever-rising amount of consumers buying from their social media platforms. Both B2B and B2C marketers have spotted this trend and jumped on it for campaigns and promotions, seeing more than plentiful results for their businesses. 

In 2020, the amount of money spent on social media advertising surpassed $132 billion, showing how critical social media marketing is to businesses both big and small. Even more, interestingly, that number is expected to go past $200 billion in 2024. This shows the influence and growth of social media marketing, and here are the reasons that make it such a key marketing component for a business: 

Gets The Audience’s Attention

In today’s world, it has been found that our average attention span is now 8 seconds, making a short social media video perfect for getting someone’s attention – – Unlike a long piece of text or some static piece of artwork, it is easy to consume – it does all the thinking and works for you. More and more of us are actively sitting on our phones and scrolling through Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, and more – the social media scrolling feed is the perfect place to put some video content and grab a user’s attention. 

Video can allow you to get this attention and convey a message through concentrated information – the best social media marketers find the most inventive ways to get this information through to the user whilst keeping their face glued to the screen. You can find so many businesses now using memes, trending Tiktok dances, or parody posts to get attention and advertise their product – and this can be huge corporations too.

Perfect for SEO

If you are doing digital marketing right, you should be making sure all your content is optimised for search – this includes your videos. Social media platforms are quickly becoming the public’s go-to for search, so you need to ensure your content is adequately suited for this. Having your attention-grabbing social media snips is one part, but making sure they get into the trending section is the other. 

To make sure the SEO is perfect through your content, keep the headlines gripping and have your descriptions aligned with things that are trending or popular. Adding on relevant hashtags is the other piece to the puzzle, as social media use data analytics to push your content to related users and beyond. 

Creates Conversions

Just like with your other marketing channels, social media content will have a purpose behind it. With every quirky, funny, informative, and engaging social media video you will create, you will be encouraging the user to act on it. It could be anything from purchasing a piece of clothing in the small clip to signing up for your email marketing list. 

A CTA (Call To Action) in social media marketing is done by getting your viewer to the end of the clip. It is all good to have brilliant content in your social media marketing strategy, but it is equally important to get your audience to convert into successful customers. 

Allows For Specialised Messaging

When you engage with your followers on social media through your videos, you will find that it is not too dissimilar to building a relationship with them. The only other marketing strategy comparable to this personal level is email marketing, and even then you still cannot engage the audience the same way you can through a viral social media video. 

A successful social media video helps your business tell a story, input a CTA but most importantly leave them wanting more. If you have a social media marketing video that contains something that doesn’t link to the CTA, it should be removed. Efficient social media marketing allows your content to live on for months, whilst still speaking directly to new and old customers. 

Be Trendy

Through social media marketing videos, you can almost literally turn your business into trendy. When you create social media content, it has to be relevant and relatable. Social media videos bring your brand to life and give it colour, as well as allow you to join in trending news stories and topics that give your brand a voice. 

The best businesses jump on these real-time events to give their brand personality and a voice, which resonates with the average social media user. There are so many hashtags that contain a huge customer base with ranging demographics – positioning your business within these trending spaces can put your brand right in the middle of the conversation.

Gain Engagement Data

For every social media marketing campaign and video you publish, you will find amazingly-detailed analytics which can give you insights into the engagement of your campaign. Regardless of whether your social media videos are organic or paid campaigns, you can look into their conversion rates, engagement, and click-throughs to see how well they did. 

This kind of crucial data can help you shape and mould your social media marketing strategy to create the best videos for your audience and beyond. Views are a good indicator of your content being engaging and popular, but the number of comments and click-throughs is a true measure of how well it ranks for engagement. 

Roll The Credits

Putting creative and compelling social media videos in your marketing strategy can be a huge game changer for your business. Not only can you build a unique brand and market positioning, but you can use the analytics and data you receive to continue to build. 

With a strong digital marketing strategy behind it, social media videos can elevate your business through increased exposure, more conversions, and a stronger brand for your business.


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