Top 5 SEO Hacks Smart Marketers Are Using in 2021

Worried about visibility? Smart marketers keep up with SEO hacks to stay on the first page of Google. Check out these marketers’ secrets.

Granted, SEO is constantly changing the game. Since SEO came into marketing, it has completely revolutionised digital marketing. But one thing that sticks out for everyone is the continuous flux in SEO rules. With giant search engines like Google rolling out different algorithms and SEO rules, it can get quite tricky to keep up with relevant SEO tweaks.

So, how do you ensure you stay on Google’s first page? Follow the changes. It is that simple.

Here, we discuss the Top 5 SEO Hacks Smart Marketers Are Using in 2021. Stay glued till the end to get a bonus tip. Also, this will be a good time to Subscribe if you haven’t done that already.

Smart Marketers Are Moving From Desktop to Mobile

Google has been hinting at this in the past years and the latest Core algorithm update has finally launched the shift from desktop to mobile. What this means for you is that your ranking signals which usually come from the desktop version of your website are now solely coming from the mobile version.

We can’t say we didn’t see this coming. In fact, savvy marketers were already prioritising mobile SEO long before now. The trend for searching has changed. Searchers use their phones way more than desktops. So, it makes sense that this shift is imminent. Get on board!

Smart Marketers Are Still Following EAT

We know the Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT) principle is nothing new to savvy marketers. But it is worth emphasising because Google is still using this principle even in 2021.

Introduced in 2014, the EAT principle is designed to promote content using users’ trust. Going by this principle, you ought to build trust in your industry by showing your expertise and authoritativeness in the niche. This ensures that only brands with informative relevant content are pushed to the first page.

Smart Marketers Are Playing Along with Search Intent

Google has always stressed the importance of focusing on the searchers. Maybe marketers were getting away with posting just about anything they wanted 20 years ago. But all of that has changed tremendously.

Looking at the thousands of updates Google rolls out every year, it is quite obvious that customer focus is the centre of it all. This trend is not going anywhere, anytime soon, and smart marketers know this. Therefore, they are going beyond catchy metatags to ensure searchers get all the information they need in their content.

Smart Marketers Are Optimising the Entire Page Experience

If you have been around for long, you will notice that Google rolls out Core Vitals virtually every year. And the central focus is usually on searchers’ experience. The late Core Vitals just went live and what we can say is that the overall page experience counts. When optimising your page, be sure to optimize for the complete user experience including image optimization, page speed, rendering, and every other thing in between.

Smart Marketers Are Prepared for AI Automation

In case no one has told you yet, AI has already taken over. Maybe not totally but this year, get ready to see more automation on search engines. Since Google released RankBrain, search trends have gradually changed to accommodate more automation. And this year may be the year it eventually solidifies the work. Be prepared!

Smart Marketers Are Working on their Entire Entity for SERP Optimisation

Since you stayed till the end, let’s share this industry secret with you. For many years, we have preached the importance of creating [and maintaining] a professional and optimized website. However, Google is now concerned about your whole entity – your YouTube channel, social media platforms, and website.

In 2021, Google is interested in knowing your brand as an entity. Every digital footprint your brand has online is part of your entity. And our guess is this new update will likely rank your entire entity, not just your website. Hence, you are killing your chances of ranking on the first page if only your website is optimized.

It is 2021 and SEO is still the king of digital marketing. We understand it can get quite daunting keeping up. Hence, we summarized the top 5 SEO hacks smart marketers are using in 2021.



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