Want your business to survive the Coronavirus crisis? Keep marketing it

After a week of Government-imposed social distancing measures, it feels like Great Britain is now closed. The streets are all but empty. Only essential retail businesses continue to trade whilst their neighbours’ shopfronts are dark. The world is turning, but it turns behind closed doors.

We have battened down our hatches, stocked our cupboards and hunkered down while we try to process what has happened and what the effect will be on our businesses.

But it won’t always be like that. One day, in the not too distant future, this extraordinary period in our history will end and businesses will return, slowly and gingerly, to some new version of normal in a very changed economy.

The question is: Will yours be one of them?

We know it really might not feel like it right now, but this really could be a perfect opportunity for you and your business – a period where you have the time and chance to really focus on ensuring you’re ready to be successful when this ends.

At times of crisis, the instinct for some business owners is to do nothing slowly. They go into ‘wait and see’ mode. Decision making is paralysed. Anything that, in ‘normal’ times, would be considered a normal cost of doing business is choked off.

But while that may save in the short term, it breeds inertia and creates space in the market for competitors who have used the time away from their day-to-day business as usual activities to plan how they will bounce back and be more successful than they were when the crisis struck.

At FOME, we’re still here. We’re planning for a successful future in which we will thrive and grow, and our absolute priority is to make sure that we’re there to help our clients be ready to get off to the quickest possible start when the current restrictions are lifted.

We’ve spoken to many of our contacts and peers and we know that smart businesses are using this time to engage with their clients and customers, to build their profile and create soft leads so that when they get back to work they have a pipeline that’s fully formed.

Because it’s not going to be enough to try to do it when the Government announces GB PLC is open for business again. It will be too late. And your existing and potential customers and clients are online right now, with lots of time to engage with you.

None of those smart businesses have simply assumed they’ll automatically get back the clients they’ve lost to the Covid-19 crisis. All of them are maintaining those connections and – crucially – building new ones.

The ugly reality is that if you’re not doing that, too, you may not have a business to come back to.

Now is the time to invest strategically in your digital marketing, to create a presence online. When this situation does finally end, people will be ready to spend, and by working together – now – we can try to ensure that they choose to spend with you rather than your competitor.

As you might expect from a modern digital agency, we’re still open for business because our entire team is able to work from home as effectively and efficiently as we can from our offices.

We’re here to help you to build a strong online presence across social media and through clever investment in SEO to take advantage of the opportunities your competitors are giving you by not doing the same thing.

If services can be converted into a digital offer, we can help you to set up and then market and promote those services and courses, giving you a revenue stream while the enforced closure of your physical premises is in place.

And by looking at the long game and prioritising your SEO, it’s the ideal time to steal a march on your competitors by using this time to put in the hard yards that go into improving your Google ranking.

Are you ready to invest in your success?

Because we are – and we’re ready to prove it during this crisis by providing website maintenance, implementing changes and adding new developments at no charge to allow you to focus on putting your business back in front of your customers while they have the time to engage with you.

Come and talk to us. We’re in this with you.

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