Do You Need to Buy Backlinks?

Are you considering whether to buy backlinks or not? You are not alone! Tons of marketers and bloggers across the globe are asking the same question.

Generally, you are expected to build links through creative content. However, this form of link building takes a very very long time to start yielding results. Marketers who have limited time on their hands tend to seek a faster route and that’s where buying backlinks come in.

But, should you buy backlinks?

Here are two essential things to keep in mind before we jump into the nitty-gritty of backlinks. First, Google frowns upon websites that purchase backlinks. Since these links count towards ranking, Google discourages people from influencing the algorithm by buying links. If caught, you will be gravely penalised. This comes in the form of deranking which could last for a couple of months or forever.

So, before you start buying backlinks, be sure to weigh the risks involved. Secondly, buying backlinks is nothing new. In fact, the biggest names in the game are doing it. How are they doing it without getting caught? Simple – by following the best practices. We will get into that soon. Let’s see why people are buying backlinks.

5 Reasons Why Marketers Buy Backlinks?

  1. Better traffic equals better ranking

The primary goal of every digital marketing campaign is to gain traffic on giant search engines like Google. With enormous traffic comes great potential of good leads. But to get this much traffic, you have to put in the work to ensure your website ranks among the top pages on Google. One way to do this is through link building. This is why people buy backlinks.

  1. Less spending on SEO team and marketing

Buying backlinks comes at a huge cost – literally and metaphorically. For safety purposes, smart marketers opt for safe backlinks from high authority sites, and this tends to cost so much more than bulk spammy links from random sites. Since you will need a bunch of backlinks to start seeing results, it is best to prepare yourself for the cost.

In comparison, it is important to note that even the traditional link building method requires certain costs associated with content creation, SEO, and marketing. Although the cost varies based on the business needs, and may not be as high as buying links, people who buy backlinks enjoy the fact that they don’t get to spend on SEO and marketing.

  1. Enhances domain authority

Your website’s domain authority (DA) is vital to its ranking. Google puts tons of factors into consideration when ranking, and a high DA is one of these factors. While this doesn’t come overnight, smart marketers have demystified the process through purchased backlinks.

Instead of waiting for months on end to get your DA high enough, you can easily and quickly get your foot on the door by purchasing quality backlinks.

  1. Higher conversion rate

What’s your endgame? Sure, you want a high ranking on Google and massive traffic to your website, but that’s not all. The ultimate goal is for the leads from the traffic to convert sales.

Basically, the end game of link building is to skyrocket your conversion rate which means more sales and more profit for your business. This is the major reason savvy marketers are not waiting forever for traditional link building.

  1. Faster result equals faster ROI

Let’s face it, traditional link building requires lots of patience and time. If you decide to build from scratch, be prepared to invest in content marketing and following up with top sites for backlinks and guest posts.

Ultimately, you will have to wait for what feels like forever to start gaining traction. Buying safe backlinks, on the other hand, provides an opportunity to get the desired result faster, which translates to faster ROI.

3 Huge Risks of Buying Backlinks

The truth is, you can totally enjoy the aforementioned benefits through traditional link building. You just have to put in more effort and time.

As beautiful as the benefits sound, it is important to point out the high risks you stand to face if and when you buy backlinks.

  1. You may never get the result

Most people involved in link buying fail to recognise the depth of the options before them. It is true that you can buy tens of backlinks for only $5. In fact, you could subscribe for monthly backlinks for $20. At first, it sounds amazing, right?

But you will soon realise that these spammy sites do more harm than good. For starters, you may never get the result because the links are fake or irrelevant. Worse, Google already knows these spammy sites so they are easily spotted compared to others.


  1. Harder to build trust among visitors

By linking to spammy sites, you could get the traffic but your visitors will be more sceptical than supposed. Since trust is needed for the final step – purchase, you could be potentially wasting your money and effort buying cheap backlinks.

  1. You could lose your website forever

The last and biggest risk you stand to face is deranking or complete removal of your website. Google strongly warns against buying backlinks. Anyone caught will be penalised through deranking. Your entire website will be deranked including those with genuine link building efforts.

The length of this punishment is uncertain as some websites get 6-months and others never fully recover even after many years. In worst cases, Google reserves the right to completely take your website off their list. Therefore, it is important to weigh the consequences and gains before purchasing backlinks.


Pro tips to protect yourself while buying backlinks

How do people who buy backlinks stay off Google’s radar? Yes, it is possible to protect your website from Google’s penalty. This is how savvy marketers, including big companies, are protecting their websites from Google’s sanctions.

  1. Buy only quality individual links

To stay off Google’s radar, you should only use quality links. As we mentioned earlier, spammy sites are well known for this inside business. Hence, Google already has its eyes on any links from these sites.

Be sure to find high DA sites willing to sell links through guest posts or otherwise. Additionally, keep to individual links instead of bulk purchases as this could be a red flag.

  1. Use links from relevant sites

Spammy sites link to virtually any site on the web. Of course, Google will know something is wrong if you have backlinks from totally unrelated brands/services.

  1. Paid links should be way less than natural links

Granted, you need a fast result, however, buying too many backlinks is basically you begging Google to notice you for breaking the rule.

Don’t play this game. At every given time, make sure paid links account for less than 10% of your entire links.

  1. Don’t put paid links in commonly noticed areas

Certain areas like footnotes and sidebars are commonly known for these things. Therefore, smart marketers know to hide paid links individually in less common areas like blog posts.

  1. Flee from popular dealer sites

Buying backlinks from websites that publicly state that they sell backlinks is a good way to get your website penalised. You’re basically leaving proof of your misconduct if/when Google starts suspecting.

Also, these popular dealers are in business with too many marketers so it is impossible for Google to not notice that something is wrong.

The verdict: Should you buy backlinks

Short answer: It is up to you!

There are pros and cons of both link building methods. Whether you choose to buy backlinks or build from scratch is totally up to you. We encourage you to consider your business needs, the gains, and the consequences of buying paid links before using this cheat code.

For professional help, don’t hesitate to contact FOME. We are here to help!

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