SEO vs. Paid Search Marketing

Search engine marketing is a process that involves promoting a website on the search engines with the view of attracting all important traffic to it. A webmaster can generate traffic by using organic search engine optimisation (SEO) or paid search marketing (PPC) methods. Even though both these methods are used for the same purpose, which is to attract traffic to a website, they differ in their characteristics. This article highlights important reasons as to why SEO is more sustainable than paid search marketing.

Search engine optimisation concentrates on listing your website on regular “organic” results on the search engines. When your website is listed on top of the regular results page of a search engine, you will not have to pay anything when a visitor clicks on your website. But, if you use a paid search marketing method such as Pay Per Click (PPC) to advertise your website, you will have to pay for every click of the visitor. Under such circumstances, your website is going to appear in the “sponsored results” section of the search results page of the particular search engine.

Even though paid search marketing is a fast and easy way to list a website on the search engines, the process is quite expensive compared to SEO. This is where SEO comes in handy. It will help you save money as well as attract highly targeted visitors to your website. There are many other important advantages of using SEO to optimise your website on the search engines.

Paid search marketing will definitely provide you with quick results. In fact, you get your first visitor as soon as you set up the campaign and pay your dues. But you will have to keep on paying the search engines if you want to continue with the visitors. You will not get a single visitor as soon as you stop paying them. On the other hand, obtaining top rankings with SEO require that you develop good webpages, and point high quality backlinks at that particular site. Even though it may take much longer to rank a website using search engine optimisation, most websites keep their rankings for a long-term. SEO is much profitable in the long-term compared to paid search marketing. If you have plans for a long-term business, search engine optimisation is surely the way to go.

Paid search marketing brings you visitors because you pay for them. But SEO brings visitors because of the higher quality of your website. Using SEO to optimise your website means more quality work such as optimising the pages, images, content and usability metrics, etc. True, there is more work involved in the process, but your website will improve in the long-term as well as your profits.

Organic SEO forces a webmaster to build high quality backlinks in order to rank his/her website on the search engines. Social media links are considered some of the highest quality links by the search engines. Hence, organic SEO integrates well with social media. Social media offers a positive influence on your SEO marketing campaigns.
In conclusion, paid search marketing is great if you want immediate traffic for a short-term marketing project. But if you are looking for higher rankings that will last through the long-term, and you don’t wish to pay for every single click, SEO is the way to go. It is more sustainable and has a much better return-on-investment compared to paid search marketing.

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