Make social media marketing work for you

The world is now online, and as such, businesses need to be too.

Social media is not only one of the most submerged places where brands can connect with consumers, but it’s also a cheap or even free marketing platform.

It’s not just a case of making accounts on your chosen platforms though. You need a strategy in place so that you can succeed.

One of the first things that you need to know is that success relies as much on listening as it does talking. In fact, this could be seen as even more important.

You need to know where your target audience is online

You need to know where your target audience is online. Find them and see what type of content it is that they’re engaging with. If, for example, you’re a financial business looking to communicate with professionals, you’ll find your target market on a platform such as LinkedIn, rather than Facebook.

Before you start to form your strategy you should make sure to do plenty of research. See what your competitors are doing; don’t copy them, or else you won’t stand out, but try and find a gap in the market. However, you can take ideas from them to build your strategy on.

When you’re ready and know the areas you want to focus on, then you can build your social media strategy. Don’t try and do everything; in order to build your brand you need a focus. You need to know who you’re targeting and with what types of content.

So, once you’re ready, it’s time to start producing content. One key thing to remember at this point is that quality is much more important than quantity. Think about it – if you create a few pieces of content that are highly engaging and informative, your brand will be much more memorable than if you create loads of content that users don’t engage with.

Try to make sure that you are producing high-quality content; you want to inform your target audience and build respect within your industry.

You can try lots of different types of content. As well as blog posts and news items, think about creating custom graphics, infographics and even video. Or, perhaps something interactive would work for your brand.

Success won’t happen overnight; it can be a fairly slow start until it all seems to click into place.

As well as sharing your own content, try to engage with consumers in other ways. Look for conversations that are happening on social media and get involved. It won’t work if you just go in with an aggressive sales strategy though; you need to consider social media as more of a place to grow your brand. The financial benefits will come from this.

If you’re considered a respected and informed brand within your industry, then you’ll create a connection with your consumers. Then, not only do you have a one-off customer, but a relationship with someone who will come back to you again and again.

As long as you plan efficiently and stay on top of it then social media marketing really isn’t difficult. Get online and give it a go!

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