The Importance of Mobile Optimisation for Your Website

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become essential to our daily lives. Due to these factors, mobile optimisation and responsiveness on websites are now must-haves.

In particular, it has been found that mobile devices generated 58.33 per cent of global website traffic, and it is continuously growing today. You might even be visiting this website on your phone.

Mobile optimisation refers to adjusting the website’s content to ensure it displays well and functions accordingly on mobile devices. It helps achieve a better ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), higher organic traffic, and more.

This article will explore the importance of mobile optimisation for your website and provide actionable strategies to create a mobile-friendly user experience that will drive success in today’s competitive online environment.

Website Mobile Friendly

The Growing Dominance of Mobile Users

When talking about mobile usage statistics, one thing we can’t ignore is the rapidly increasing rate of mobile users. 

In 2021 alone, mobile users rose to 7.1 billion, which is expected to increase as time progresses. This vast number is even projected to grow by 7.49 billion in 2025.

What’s more, smartphones continuously prove their convenience and accessibility to everyone. You can shop, work, and even rest using your mobile phone. It’s even harder to imagine someone saying they have no smartphone than saying they don’t own a computer.

Some popular phone activities are mobile search, listening to news and music, reading books, scrolling through social media, and playing games. In addition, the number of smartphone mobile banking apps and administrative tools has increased, introducing users to convenience.

As a result, mobile users continue to grow, with people transforming their lives with their phones. Mobile phones are constantly being improved, with many exciting features bringing new modes of improvement to our daily lives.

This growing dominance of mobile phone users has also led to many businesses shifting their focus, making mobile users one of their priorities in their ventures. Many companies are now working on optimising their websites and bringing the ultimate mobile experience to their mobile audience.

Critical Aspects of Mobile Optimisation

Optimising your company’s website is one of the most helpful things you can do for the brand. 

Aside from having a lot more audience on mobile phones than on computers, it helps you achieve increased traffic, higher search engine rankings, and higher conversion rates, which are all likely to drive revenue.

To achieve that, we give you some of the fundamental aspects that must be considered in optimising your website:

Visual Availability

Ensure that the images and videos you put on your website are visible on mobile devices. Your visual content should pull in your customers.

However, unresponsive image and video content often make your website’s loading time slower, thus making users exit your page and find another mobile website.

Intuitive Navigation

Consider the interactivity of your website on mobile. There is a difference in buttons for desktop and mobile sites. Ensure you update your website with features that are easy to manoeuvre on a small screen.

You can also add features that simplify navigation by organising content and intuitive gestures like swiping or tapping.

Page Design

Capture lots of attention by improving your page’s design. You can create an efficient mobile landing page with the call-to-action (CTA) shown above the fold. 

An enticing page would hold a prospect’s attention, which can later become an avid customer who will stick with your brand for the long run!

Fast Loading Speed

A page load time on mobile of about 10 seconds increases your bounce rate! A faster loading speed would also bring higher search rankings and satisfied visitors.

Improve your loading time by reducing page content, shrinking or removing unnecessary visuals, or leveraging browser caching.

Mobile Website Speed

Better Performance with Mobile-First Design

A mobile-first design is critical for boosting customer engagement. It derives from an approach in which web designers create mockup designs for mobile devices before others.

Prioritising mobile design allows designers to build important buttons, graphic components, and other crucial aspects. It will also assist them in knowing the website’s intended deliverables and allow them to diagnose potential problems before they arise. 

As a result, businesses can provide a more straightforward, faster, and better consumer experience. It is a very successful brand strategy that can drive revenue growth.

However, managing a business will prove difficult while ensuring the aspects above. FOME is a digital marketing agency that can make these tasks easier and achieve company goals. They offer services, such as mobile website optimisation and brand promotion, to guide you in tackling the difficulties of the digital business landscape.

Final Thoughts

Start to address the growing population of mobile users and create a mobile-friendly user experience to maximise engagement, conversions, and business growth.

By making sure to deliver the critical aspects of mobile optimisation, success is already on your doorstep!

However, it is best to remember that mobile optimisation is challenging. There will be bumps and problems along the way, but business owners should understand that it requires patience and is a continuous process.

Embrace mobile optimisation now and leverage digital marketing with the help of agencies like FOME. Establish a competitive edge and achieve digital marketing goals in a rapidly increasing mobile-centric environment.

Optimise your websites and build a better mobile experience for your customers now.


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