Utilise the Power of Trust with User-Generated Content

Nowadays, companies and organisations are starting to recognise the power of user-generated content (UGC) to expand their influence and foster customer loyalty. Therefore, encouraging customers to share their stories and experiences as testimonials helps people since these stories serve a purpose. 

However, the widespread use of user-generated content also poses challenges in overseeing content, protecting intellectual property rights,, and ensuring high-quality standards are upheld. 

Within this technology period, user-generated content is an example of the incredible influence collective creativity can have. With this, the reach extends to fields developing trends and its influence on decisions and conversations in ways that were previously inconceivable.

If you want to know more about User-Generated content and its influence on your potential customers, this article might be for you!

What is User-Generated Content?

Apparently, user-generated content covers a range of content created by individuals rather than established creators or publishers. This content includes text, images, videos, reviews, blog posts, social media updates, and more.

Additionally, this type of content represents a shift from the model of one-way communication where customers are simply recipients of information. UGC blurs the line between creators and customers, contributing to online conversations and discussions.

The charm of UGC stems from its ability to foster a sense of community and people coming together based on shared interests, creating a feeling of belonging and active involvement; with that, brands and businesses have recognised this power. 

Harnessing UGC means enhancing their marketing strategies and forging deeper connections with customers. Thus, this beneficial synergy between UGC and commercial endeavours has paved the way for influencer marketing, where people adopt UGC strategies to collaborate with brands to endorse products and services.

Why is UGC Important for effective customer service?

Businesses have encountered a hurdle due to the lack of trust customers have in platforms, as shown in a recent survey from Trend in Customer conducted by Salesforce. As a result, customers are getting way too overwhelmed because of the large number of unrealistic reviews and comments from social media. 

That being the case, potential customers ask their friends or someone they know about other products or services. However, since User-Generated Content has been deemed a significant tool for achieving authenticity, multiple businesses have started immersing themselves in user-generated content with different and witty approaches. 

In fact, 73% of marketing professionals, including social media marketers, SEO specialists, etc., believe that using UGC emphasises human marketing messages, which encourages customers to actively engage and share messages that will authentically promote your brand’s content!  

How Does UGC Help Enhance Credibility and Customer Trust?

One of the user-generated content assets is its peer-to-peer influence since customers share their testimonials based on their experiences with the products and services, which might also be considered as recommendations and reviews. Proofs provided by these customers reassure potential customers by showing them insights. 

Aside from that, involvement in community development enhances its credibility, wherein an online platform highly encourages UGC and promotes an environment where open-minded people can interact, share, and engage.  

Thus, a healthy online environment boosts UGC’s potential, be it credibility and trust, because customers receive feedback from other customers and become part of an empowered network.

User Generated Content

Steps on Building an Appropriate User-Generated Content

Building a fruitful user-generated content platform requires an amount of experience in the technological niche, with a sense of psychology behind different methods and effective social media community management. You have to remember that building vibrant and engaging content takes a lot of time and effort, so patience and persistence are virtues. 

With that in mind, here are a few things that you need to consider if you’re planning to up your strategy with UGC to gain your customer’s trust:

Specify Your Niche and Focus

User-generated content you plan to promote should solely focus on a specific topic, concept, theme, or interest you want to pursue that might attract customers. Your content should consist of different types of pictures, reviews, recommendations, and feedback that may amaze potential customers!

Get to Know Your Target Audience

It might be best for you to research your target audience; getting to know your audience means incorporating proper marketing since you’re aiming for nice and smooth content. Your research should include their interests, tastes, and needs.

Choose the Right UGC

Think about the engaging strategies you want to use. Your content can be blog articles, video recommendations, short clips, surveys, and more! You have to be creative in terms of choosing the right content.

Update Your Platform and Include Platform Guidelines

You may want to consider building a platform where customers will be able to submit their entries, such as reviews and comments. You should also develop guidelines to avoid copyright issues.

Incorporating the strength of user-generated content helps you gain customers’ trust and credibility with different approaches. A strong foundation is formed by giving them enough reviews, comments, and feedback. Through user-generated content, you build genuine connections, and your business increases its reliability, too.


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