The Social Media Platforms You’re Not Using But Should

The world is transforming into a digital space where individuals can enjoy various innovations that improve their quality of life. One of these innovations is social media, which has become indispensable to our everyday lives.

Social media sites have revolutionised how we communicate and consume information, from interacting and connecting with our loved ones to staying updated with current events. Most of these social media platforms frequently revolve around the top players we know: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even TikTok.

However, a world of lesser-known social media sites is beyond these well-known platforms. These include hidden gems waiting to be discovered and used for various purposes. 

This blog post will delve into the value of social media in today’s world, explore some social media platforms deserving of a second look, and discuss how to keep up with the hottest apps each year!

Social Media In Today’s World

The role of social media has evolved from being a mere source of entertainment to becoming a powerful medium for self-expression where people can build relationships with others and stay informed on current trends. 

Its impact goes beyond personal connections, as businesses and organisations began integrating social media into their marketing strategies to promote products and attract customers.

However, even though social media is becoming more prevalent globally, there are still a few instances where its usage can do more harm than good. Knowing this implication, we are responsible for preventing it by practising precautionary measures

When used intelligently, social media can bring loads of success in making anyone’s life better. It has endless possibilities, as users can use these platforms for various purposes. Social media will continue to affect society whether used for communicating, interacting, learning, or marketing.

The Must-Try Social Media Apps

While most people are familiar with the top social media platforms that dominate the landscape, several other apps and platforms offer unique features and experiences. 

Here are some of those social media apps worth exploring:


Why not take a break from the pressure of social media? BeReal is one of the hottest apps this year because it empowers the real you by randomly sending a notification.

Clicking this notification will give the user 2 minutes to share a photo of their actions. It is an excellent platform for digital authenticity that everyone should try!

Hive Social

Hive Social is a Twitter alternative that allows users to share updates in text, photo, or video form.

It is a typical plug-and-play app emphasising the “simplicity of social media.”

It also provides a chronological feed that offers a more refreshing perspective than other social media sites.


People began looking for alternatives when Elon Musk purchased Twitter, and Mastodon was one of them.

It is a decentralised open-source social network with a one-of-a-kind design that enables users to create in-app networks.


Caffeine is just like Twitch but has many other features you can enjoy, such as its streaming software and high-profile entertainment channels.

It also provides a service with zero ads, ensuring you enjoy the broadcast to your heart’s content.


Discord debuted in 2015 as a niche tool for the gaming community, with features for community management and engagement. Users can also set up chat servers in this app and interact with friends and strangers through text, audio, or video. Now, it is transitioning from a gamer-centric platform to one incorporating businesses and companies.


Lemon8 combines TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram elements to allow users to showcase their creative selves through photos and videos, like making their own social media scrapbook. 


Today’s social media platforms contain harmful content.

Supernova Social Network is branded as an “ethical alternative,” and it donates most of its ad revenues to charities.  


Twitch is one of the best live streaming services, with an easy-to-use interface popular for gamers and streamers.

Its flexibility makes it a perfect social media platform for casual and core users.


People usually have many questions in mind that you can’t just type in a random search engine. Most likely, you also wouldn’t get the answer you’re seeking in the first place.

Quora is a place where a community of users answers various questions posted by other users. With this setup, users can display their expertise and answer questions in a specific way.


It’s hard to get recognised as an influencer on mainstream social media apps, but it’s easier to do that in Tribel.

It’s a social media platform that allows influencers to grow and get the recognition they deserve.

It is perfect for content creators who want to focus on quality content and achieve fame.

If you’re looking to harness the full potential of these platforms, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out social media strategy in place. That’s where we come in! At FOME, we specialise in helping businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media. From content creation and strategy development to engagement and analytics, we’ve got you covered.

The world of social media is vast and constantly evolving, offering a myriad of opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. As we’ve explored in this blog post, there are numerous lesser-known platforms that provide unique features and experiences waiting to be discovered.

Take advantage of the incredible opportunities that these diverse social media platforms have to offer. Let us help you reach your goals, connect with your audience, and make your digital presence shine.


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